Workware – HAIX Chainsaw Protective Footwear Suppliers

Chainsaws are the number one cause of serious accidents among forestry workers – so PPE you can trust is indispensable for your daily work. We’re proud suppliers and distributors of HAIX chainsaw boots, renowned for their robust, high quality protection, rigorously tested under real-life conditions in the Bavarian Forest. HAIX have been producing high quality work boots since 1948 out of their base in the Bavarian town of Mainburg, and have earned a reputation as a market leader in cutting edge protective footwear.

HAIX Chainsaw Boots Cut Protection

Comprehensive Protection

Their chainsaw boots are fitted with an anatomically formed protective cap to ensure maximum safety, offering cut protection from class 1 to class 3 – enough to shield you against the sharp teeth of saws. A special cut inlay prevents injuries. Despite this comprehensive protection, no compromises are made in terms of comfort. A GORE-TEX membrane provides complete waterproof protection, while still allowing your feet to breathe. They also feature the patented HAIX Climate System, which uses the pumping movement generated as you move along to expel sweat in a completely natural manner, preventing overheating.

HAIX Chainsaw Boots Sole Grip

Stable and Robust Sole

As well as balancing external protective and waterproof features with internal breathability and comfort, all HAIX chainsaw boots feature a stable and robust rubber sole that provides both great stability and comfort. The dynamic toe-to-heel movement and cushioning effect they provide guarantees excellent impact absorption and comfort, while they are also anti-slip and abrasion proof, with a rugged profile. These soles are also resistant against heat, oil and petrol.

HAIX Chainsaw Boots Protector Alpin

The Ultimate in Chainsaw Protective Footwear

We’re pleased to now supply the HAIX Protector Alpin boot, the ultimate in terms of chainsaw protective footwear. The Protector Alpin offers class 3 cut protection and will shield you in any situation. Taking inspiration from nature itself, its slip resistant sole features an integrated claw element in the bridge, which prevents slipping off to the side when moving over branches and twigs – this also significantly reduces the risk of slipping on dead and waste timber, or on wet surfaces and tree trunks. Spikes attached to the outsole ensure a good lateral grip on tree trunks when carrying out felling work. Like all other HAIX chainsaw boots, the Protector Alpin has PU impact absorption to cushion your steps, is completely waterproof and breathable, and has HAIX Climate System to transfer warm, moist air outwards.

Workware import and distribute specialist equipment for the UK arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and agricultural industries. You can find our full range of HAIX chainsaw protective boots here. To find your nearest Workware supplier follow this link and enter your postcode.

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