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00130 Celox Rapid Gauze

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Product Code 00130

Product Description

Time is critical when treating severe injuries in the field and saving time increases the chance of survival for the casualty in an emergency or hostile situation.  To be effective in real use, haemostatic dressings need to work fast.

The current generation of haemosotatic agents need at least 3 minutes of compression to work.  Celox RAPID Gauze removes the delay by speeding up packing time and reducing compression time to just 60 seconds while using the proven haemostat technology of Celox.

Tried and Tested

Independent testing2 on Celox RAPID has shown the product works on lethal injruies  and significantly reduces blood loss compared to Quikclot Gauze*. As well as reducing treatment time and blood loss, a model of tactical evacuation showed that the Celox RAPID Gauze stayed in place during transport with no re-bleeding3.



  • The fastest acting haemostatic dressing
  • Works with just 60 seconds compression1
  • RAPID action reduces blood loss2

  • 1: Testing a new gauze hemostat with reduced treatment time.  A Hoggarth et al.  Presented at ATACCC Symposium 2011, Fort Lauderdale, USA.

    2: Chitosan-based advanced hemostatic dressing is associated with decreased blood loss in swine uncontrolled hemorrhage model.  Kunio N et al.  Am J Surg 2013.

    3: Mechanism of action of rapid-action gauze hemostat. Hoggarth A et al. Presented at ATACCC Symposium 2011, Fort Lauderdale, USA.


HSE Statement regarding tourniquets and hemostatic gauze use 
Following their introduction into the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) first aid guidelines, the HSE have now fully confirmed that hemostatic dressings and tourniquets can be included in workplace first aid training.
The HSE advises that when carrying out a first aid needs assessment, employers who identify a specific risk of life-threatening bleeding (e.g. those working in arboriculture, construction, glass work, agriculture or those who use dangerous machinery) should consider providing tourniquets and hemostatic dressings and ensure that their workplace first aiders are trained in their use.
How this affects Training:
With employers now being required to consider life-threatening bleeding as part of their first aid needs assessment, training providers are now likely to be asked by employers to cover these topics on courses and asked to provide advice on suitable tourniquets and hemostatic dressings. It is therefore essential that all first aid training providers are able to provide training and advice.


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