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320001 Black Eagle Athletic High

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Product Description

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The HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper is a modern and light professional boot with a sporty look. It cushions your steps, supports your feet and reduces pressure on the joints. This boot is a particularly comfortable companion for all those who like to indulge in activities such as hiking, quad riding and trail running and can cope with any terrain. The HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper is also an ideal option if you spend a lot of your working time on your feet or on the move. Its perfect and comfortable fit ensures that you will not suffer any foot pain.

A highly breathable lining guarantees that your feet will not sweat, even when you are exerting yourself to the full. Once you have set up the 2-zone lacing system, the boot will be perfectly adjusted to the natural shape of the foot. One particularly practical aspect is a zip which makes the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper very easy to put on and take off.

A multi-talented boot with a high degree of climate comfort

The HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper is a flexible boot that will never let you down, either indoors or outside. The highly breathable and fast-drying material used in its construction absorbs moisture to leave your feet feeling comfortable, even after many hours of wear. The sole also provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold. It has particular anti-slip properties to ensure a firm foothold on rough terrain containing stone, sand or roots.

The HAIX Climate System uses pump movements whilst you walk along in order to transport moisture to openings placed at the shaft and the tongue. This guarantees optimum climate comfort at all times and makes this boot the perfect one for professional wear both indoors and outside.

A comfortable and secure sporting companion

Those who like to take their sporting activities to the very limit need footwear that is able to cope with any movement. This is a boot which comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology. An articulated element in the sole ensures that your feet are not troubled by uneven surfaces. The inlay and midsole cushion and support your steps at every contact with the ground. This creates a rebound effect and means that you save energy whilst walking.

The EVA plastic used in the midsole stabilises the heel and prevents you from going over on your ankle. EVA is a soft and elastic material which is also highly resistant. The boot is 17 centimetres high. This ensures a firm base and protects the sensitive ankle area against injury. Integrated padded areas provide extra security against occurrences such as side impacts.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper is a calf-high boot made of micro fibre and textile.
  • A two-zone lacing system enables it to be separately adjusted to the foot and calf area. Once the system has been set, this ensures a perfect fit every time.
  • A side zip allows the boots to be put on and taken off extremely quickly.

Lining, inlays, footbed

  • The boot’s breathable lining means that your feet stay dry, even when exerting yourself to the full.
  • An inlay in the footbed reliably absorbs moisture, whilst a separate heel cup provides superb cushioning and ensures healthy toe-to-heel movement.
  • The midsole is manufactured in a special EVA material and is particularly light. It generates a rebound effect to protect your feet and joints every step of the way.
  • Side padding protects that sensitive ankle area against impacts.


  • The sole of the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper is manufactured in a special rubber compound and has a bold tread. This offers a high degree of slip resistance and guarantees a firm foothold on any surface.
  • The sole is highly durable and resistant against heat and cold.
  • It features a so-called double-hole frame containing a stone shield. This means that you will be untroubled by uneven or stony surfaces.
  • A light PU impact-absorbing wedge in the sole cushions your steps as you walk. This reduces pressure on the joints and spine, saves energy and delivers a feel-good factor.
  • The black sole is resistant against oil and petrol. It is colour fast and leaves no ugly marks on light-coloured floors.

HAIX’s range of professional boots offers comfort right across the board. They are a perfect fit for the heel, the balls of the feet and the joints. A midsole cushions your steps and provides the foot with all the support it needs. All of this makes the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Sidezipper a practical all-round option for any terrain. Discover for yourself just how fresh your feet will stay, even when performing high-level sporting activities. 

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